Weekly Updates 5/29/17

Good morning and happy Memorial Day!

As I mentioned last week, now that the concerts are over, all chorus classes will be spent completing group projects that are due JUNE 9TH. The project will be completed in class and outside of class. While students are completing the projects at home, we are also going to complete a study unit comparing “The Wizard of Oz” and “Wicked”.
CHORALE AUDITIONS: This week auditions are Wednesday and Thursday. A sign-up sheet is outside my room on the whiteboard where I put announcements. Each student is going to receive a random number at their audition, and this Friday, after auditions, students will find out if they got in by their number to avoid embarrassment. As I mentioned at the meetings last week, because there is a large number of students auditioning, there will be soprano, alto and tenor/bass waitlists for those who do not initially get in. Next year, if a student drops from Chorale, I will take the first student on the waitlist for that section. Please have a fixed versus growth mindset conversation with your child this week to prepare students for the possibility that they may be placed on the waitlist. Rubrics will be used at the audition, and feedback will be given to any student who asks. Good luck!
The following are updates for Chorus, Chorale, and Spotlight. For those of you new to Weekly Updates, you can find previous newsletters on my website: www.roslynmschorus.org. If you would like to unsubscribe to these emails, please respond to this email with: “UNSUBSCRIBE”. You are automatically subscribed if you send an email regarding Chorus, Chorale, or Spotlight.
Warmest Regards,
Cyndi Feinman
1. Auditions for “Les Miserables” are going to be in mid-September. At the start of the school year I will have an informational meeting about the exact cuts of the songs, audition requirements, etc. However, here is a preview so you can get a head start over the summer; the following songs are going to be the required songs for specific voice parts:
“In My Life”- Soprano
“There Is a Castle”- Child soprano
“I Dreamed a Dream”- Mezzo-soprano
“Little Fall of Rain”- Mezzo-soprano (DO NOT PREPARE “ON MY OWN”)
“Master of the House”- Alto
“Bring Him Home”- Tenor
“Javert’s Suicide”- Baritone
“Empty Chairs At Empty Tables”- Tenor
“Do You Hear the People Sing”- Baritone/Tenor
“Little People”- Male child
“Master of the House”- Baritone/Tenor
1. This week we will be meeting on TUESDAY and THURSDAY.
2. Please make a note that ALL students, 7th AND 8th grade, are required to sing at the 8th grade graduation on June 22nd at 11am at Hofstra. There will a bus that leaves from school.
3. Permission slips for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” have been sent home and were due last week. If I don’t have their permission slips as of tomorrow, they cannot go. We will have four teachers chaperoning, including our school nurse, and we will a lottery tomorrow morning at Chorale for parents who would like to go. Please respond to this email if you would like to be a parent chaperone, even if you have responded already!
*On Friday the itinerary is:
2:15- Bus leaves for city
4:30- Group picture in Times Square
4:30-5:30- Walk around Times Square 
5:30- Break into different groups for dinner- students will divide into groups with teachers for dinner in different restaurants near 46th street (Restaurant Row). **REMINDER TO SEND DINNER MONEY**
7:30- Arrive at theater
8:00- Show
Approximately 11:00pm- Arrive back at school
4. We are going to record our songs from this year onto an album for your enjoyment!
1. Once again, congratulations on wonderful concerts!
2. If you would like a copy of the concert, please send in a flash drive and I will put the recordings onto it. I can’t send the files because they are too big.
3. Please ask your child about the projects that we are doing in class as they are a lot of fun!
All my best,
Cyndi Feinman

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