Weekly Updates: 9/1/17

Good afternoon!

I can’t believe we are coming back to school on Tuesday. I hope everyone had a fantastic summer that was full of happiness and relaxation! Over the summer I worked at USDAN Summer Camp for the Arts and was a chairperson for the NY American Choral Director’s Association Middle School Honor Choir in which FOUR of our students were accepted and performed beautifully. I also travelled to Cuba, Mexico, and Key West and saw many, many Broadway shows! While summer was exciting, I’m ready to get back, and I know we will have an amazingly fun year.
This year students are going to need 1 folder this year (any color you’d like) and about 3 mechanical pencils (so we don’t need to use the pencil sharpener).
I have updated the website: www.roslynmschorus.org to include all kinds of new additions. Please check it out, as there are many new exciting items. Many things have been added to the calendars, so please add them to your own calendars.
The following are updates for Chorus, Chorale, and Spotlight. For those of you new to Weekly Updates, you can find previous newsletters on my website: www.roslynmschorus.org. If you would like to unsubscribe to these emails, please respond to this email with: “UNSUBSCRIBE”. You are automatically subscribed if you send an email regarding Chorus, Chorale, or Spotlight.
Warmest Regards,
Cyndi Feinman
1. Auditions for “Les Miserables” are going to be in mid-September. At the start of the school year I will have an informational meeting about the exact cuts of the songs, audition requirements, etc. However, here is a preview so you can get a head start over the summer; the following songs are going to be the required songs for specific voice parts:
“In My Life”- Soprano
“There Is a Castle”- Child soprano
“I Dreamed a Dream”- Mezzo-soprano
“Little Fall of Rain”- Mezzo-soprano (DO NOT PREPARE “ON MY OWN”)
“Master of the House”- Alto
“Bring Him Home”- Tenor
“Javert’s Suicide”- Baritone
“Empty Chairs At Empty Tables”- Tenor
“Do You Hear the People Sing”- Baritone/Tenor
“Little People”- Male child
“Master of the House”- Baritone/Tenor
1. This week we will be meeting on WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY at 7am. We have our first performance on September 11th, 2nd period, in front of the school singing two songs, and we only have TWO rehearsals!
2. We were accepted to sing at a Jet’s game on December 3rd! Please mark it off on your calendars.
1. Reminder from above that this year you will need a folder and mechanical pencils.
Good luck on your first week back and have a terrific, long weekend!
All the best,
Cyndi Feinman

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