Weekly Update 11/12/17

Weekly Update 11/12/17
I hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend (and it’s not over yet!). The last day of the quarter was Thursday, so starting tomorrow we have a new quarter. All extra-credit points start over Monday. We also have a new, Quarter 2 workbook, that was distributed last week. As always, copies of the workbook can be found on my website.
NYSSMA: If your child needs help finding a song, we can start looking in the manual either before school or after school during extra-help to find a good match. For students in chorus, we do Level 3 sight-singing every day, so if your child would like to sing a higher level song, we can work on that during extra-help.
**NYSSMA letters will be going out next month. As soon as the letter goes out, you can begin registering students for NYSSMA. They usually go out in late December/January. If your child is interested in NYSSMA, let me know, if you haven’t already.
For those new to emails…. welcome to my “Weekly Updates”! This is where the most important information can be found for Chorus, Chorale, and Spotlight. It’s very important you read the parts of this email that pertain to your child’s performing group, as they may not be involved in everything. 
Reminder: If students lose their music or workbooks, they can print them out from my website under “Print at Home” or “Chorus” links. 

The website: Please try to find answers to frequently asked questions on my website. I have sections for NYSSMA, All-County, Spotlight, Chorale, Chorus, as well as calendars, sign-ups, printables, and more. This is a key resource for you this year.

The following are updates for Chorus, Chorale, and Spotlight. For those of you new to Weekly Updates, you can find previous newsletters on my website: www.roslynmschorus.org. If you would like to unsubscribe to these emails, please respond to this email with: “UNSUBSCRIBE”. You are automatically subscribed if you send an email regarding Chorus, Chorale, or Spotlight.
If you ever have any questions, concerns, comments, or just want to chat, never hesitate to call, email, or use the “Remind” app.

Warmest Regards,
Cyndi Feinman

1. This week rehearsals are the following (Students should check the scene breakdown page I gave them to see if they are needed at rehearsals…”x” means they are needed…”blank” means they are not needed):
Monday (2:45-4:45)- Scene 10 & 11, ENTIRE CAST, “The Beggars” and “The Robbery”
Wednesday (2:45-4:45)- Scene 12 & 13, ALL BOYS, “Stars” and “ABC Cafe”
Thursday (2:45-4:45)- None, I have a personal obligation.
**Students are still expected to bring a note if they have an excused absence from rehearsal**
2. Thank you thank you thank you to those helping with props. Thank you to Stacey Drucker and Erica Rubrum for going to dollar stores and finding things there. 
3. This is not mandatory, but it will help significantly: Please find 3-4 things on my website under the Spotlight links and “Props” tab that you can commit to. We need to know ASAP we do have in-house so we know what we need to purchase and borrow from the HS. Thank you!
4. Students should bring a pencil, their script, water, snacks, and homework to each rehearsal. No phones are allowed while rehearsing.
5. We are going to be adding bios in the program. These are due via EMAIL ONLY no later than December 1st. Students are limited to 150 words and can include past performances, performing groups, and message to the cast…thank you to Cary and Jordyn for getting theirs in!
6. Last week I attached the playbill ad letters, order form, and one-liner page to this email. You can also find all these forms here: https://roslynmschorus.org/printable-forms/
7. The FULL calendar is on my website on the homepage if you scroll down, as well as under the Spotlight tab.
8. Thank you to parents with kids in RCP who responded to my email last week. To make things a little more organized, I’m going to plan a meeting with RCP kids after their show, probably the first week of December (I’m planning on coming on Friday night to their show!). This way we can delegate real tasks. However, we will never turn an RCP student away if they show up at rehearsal to help!
9. Students interested in backstage should please contact either me or Ari Kohl, our student stage manger (8th grade). 

**CHORALE (7th/8th grade select chorus)
1. The new Chorale schedule this year will Mondays and Wednesdays with sectionals on Fridays. You will not need to attend every Friday. This week the schedule is: 
Monday- EVERYONE/ Wednesday- EVERYONE/ Friday- Boys sectional

– TOMORROW we will be distributing permission slips
– We are leaving at 8am on December 3rd and coming back approximately at 6pm. We are taking a coach bus provided by the district
– Once we get to the stadium, students will be given lunch by the JETS, and will have a sound check around 10am
– Students will NOT be sitting on the field anymore, but very close to it.
– We have 8 teacher chaperones, unfortunately no parents can come as chaperones
– I emailed codes this week. If you have NOT received a code, please email me ASAP so I can get that t you.
– The link on the page is not working for many. Please type the following directly into the browser: jetsgroups.com/roslyn 
– SO EXCITING: The Jets have offered to give us a percentage of our ticket sales as a fundraiser, so the more tickets we sell, the more money we make 
3. Please check the Chorale calendar on my website regularly, as I update it all the time. You can even add that google calendar to your own by pressing “ADD CALENDAR” at the bottom of the calendar. 
4. For the concert we are singing:
“You Will Be Found”
“Sesere Eeye”
“What I Did For Love”
“One Voice”
There will be solos in “You Will Be Found”, auditions will be the week of Thanksgiving, and the week after Thanksgiving, during extra-help or early morning on a Tuesday or Thursday.
5. In-school rehearsals for our concert are the following:
Dec. 6th, Period 2
Dec. 13th, Period 1
6. Our concert is December 13th at 7pm (new time) at the HS. Students arrive at 6:30pm.

1. IMPORTANT: New Concert Dates (Final change): 
December 5th- 6th grade, 7pm, at the HS, Students arrive at 6:30pm
December 11th- 7th/8th grade, 7pm, at the HS, students arrive at 6:30pm
2. The following songs have been chosen for the concert: 
6th: “This Ol’ Man”**, “California Dreamin'”, “Cantar”**, and “I’m Yours”
7th/8th: “New York State of Mind”**, “I’ll Be Missing You”**, “Waving Through a Window”**, Winter Song
Songs with ** indicate that there is a solo (or solos) in that song. Auditions will be the week of Thanksgiving, and the week after Thanksgiving, during extra-help or early morning on a Tuesday or Thursday.

3. There are TWO in school rehearsals per performing group that combine all sections of chorus to practice before our concert. Sometimes different class sections learn different parts, and we need to learn how to put it all together. Your child will be missing two class periods on two different days for these in school rehearsals. All teachers are aware of these rehearsals, as this has been a long-standing tradition at Roslyn Middle School. Tests will not be given on these periods, and students will be excused from their classes. The following are the in-school rehearsals:
6th grade: Dec. 4th (periods 3 & 4) and Dec. 5th (periods 2 & 3).
7th/8th grade: Dec. 8th (periods 1 & 2) and Dec. 11th (periods 3 & 4)
Have a great week!
All the best,
Mrs. Feinman

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