Weekly Update 1/7/18

Weekly Update 1/7/18…just a reminder to scroll all the way down to your child’s performing group.

I hope everyone had a lovely unexpected 4-day weekend! I know for me, Thursday and Friday proved to be very productive! The following update has many important items, and many important attachments. To get the attachments all you have to do is click, download, and print.


Congratulations to those participating in All-County this week! Divisions 2 & 3 have their performances this upcoming weekend!

Anyone who would like donate any old furniture for our Les Mis barricade, please contact me so we can arrange a time to get that over to Mr. Sherry. Thank you to those of you who have already donated old paintings and even an old dresser!


If you would like to purchase tickets for Les Mis but do not have a child in Spotlight, you can use the community ticket form attached to this email. All community tickets will be assigned starting January 12th.

Lunch Chorus this week:

Monday: B day, 6th grade

Tuesday: A day, 7th grade

Wednesday: B day, 6th grade

Thursday: A day, 7th grade

Friday: B day, 6th grade

For those new to emails…. welcome to my “Weekly Updates”! This is where the most important information can be found for Chorus, Chorale, and Spotlight. It’s very important you read the parts of this email that pertain to your child’s performing group, as they may not be involved in everything.


Reminder: If students lose their music or workbooks, they can print them out from my website under “Print at Home” or “Chorus” links.
The website: Please try to find answers to frequently asked questions on my website. I have sections for NYSSMA, All-County, Spotlight, Chorale, Chorus, as well as calendars, sign-ups, printables, and more. This is a key resource for you this year.

The following are updates for Chorus, Chorale, and Spotlight. For those of you new to Weekly Updates, you can find previous newsletters on my website: www.roslynmschorus.org. If you would like to unsubscribe to these emails, please respond to this email with: “UNSUBSCRIBE”. You are automatically subscribed if you send an email regarding Chorus, Chorale, or Spotlight.


If you ever have any questions, concerns, comments, or just want to chat, never hesitate to call, email, or use the “Remind” app.

Warmest Regards,
Cyndi Feinman



  1. This week rehearsals are the following (Students should check the scene breakdown page I gave them to see if they are needed at rehearsals…”x” means they are needed…”blank” means they are not needed):

Monday (2:45-4:45)- Scene 30, 1-5 (EVERYONE)

Tuesday (2:15-4:45)- NONE

Wednesday (2:45-4:45)- Scenes 6-10

Thursday (2:45-4:45)- Scenes 11-15

Friday (2:15-4:00)- NONE

**Students are still expected to bring a note if they have an excused absence from rehearsal**


  1. I sent home MANY emails this past weekend. You should have received information on hair, makeup, costumes, etc. For convenience, I’m going to add everything from those emails here so you don’t have to worry if you missed anything. BIOS are due NO LATER THAN TODAY!


  1. Attendance is critical in the month of January. We are 4 WEEKS away!! Please do not schedule doctor appointments or other lessons during this time. As of this week, very few absences will count as excused (except for logical things like All-County, your child is running a fever, family emergency, etc…I’m a person with a family too, I understand, so please feel free to reach out if you have any concerns). Just like a basketball team cannot be without their defense or offense, a show needs everyone there when we run a scene. Please make these rehearsals top priority.


  1. All of Act I and Act II should be off-book at this point. Students should be following along during rehearsals so they know where we are.


  1. Tickets:  The SAME form is in many different places, and you only need to hand in ONE form. I will give out the form in hard copy form on Monday at rehearsal. The form can be found in the following places:
  2. On my website on the homepage
  3. Again on my website, but under the “Spotlight” tab where it says “Printable forms”
  4. The informational packet that was handed out during auditions
  5. The email I sent on Thursday, 1/4/17
  6. Yesterday’s email
  7. The Remind text I sent out yesterday

In order to fill out the form, please follow the directions:

  1. Click the attachment
  2. Download the attachment
  3. Open the downloaded page
  4. Press print


  1. This show has students playing many different characters and students go by many different nicknames. Please respond to this email, if you haven’t already, as soon as you can with EXACTLY how you want your child’s name to appear in the program with the character titles you would like to appear.


  1. ONE LINERS: As of right now, I only have a handful of one liners. This is a great opportunity for students to write each other messages, or even friends outside of Spotlight to write about the same amount of characters as a “tweet” to their friends in the show. Email me if you have any questions.


8.Tomorrow at 3pm we will be taking a picture in our Spotlight t-shirts for the program. All tech students are invited to be in the picture!


  1. There will be a tech meeting this week, please listen for the announcements.


  1. Costumes:

All costumes are being provided by the school. We may need some items, but I will let students know that on a case by case basis. We are more concerned with footwear! This is the footwear they will need. Remember that these characters lived in POOR France in the late 1800s. They wouldn’t be wearing fancy shoes with embellishments. Our costumes are very realistic looking, so we need to compliment them with appropriate footwear. Please email me with any questions!


– Black or DARK brown boots (PLAIN, older looking). SEE HERE FOR IDEAS: https://coltfordboots.com/coltford/12757-mens-vintage-boots-for-sale/

– GIRLS: They will need plain black or dark brown boots.

SEE HERE FOR IDEAS: https://vintagedancer.com/victorian/victorian-womens-shoes/



Make-up will be very natural for this show. EVERY CHILD needs to have coverage on their faces so that they aren’t drowned out by the lights. They do not need to have bright lips and bright cheeks, but even if their character “dies” during the show, they will not be seen under the lights. Every child must provide their own makeup to avoid sharing germs!

**Any parent who would like to assist with facial coverage please let me know***

GIRLS: https://www.wikihow.com/Apply-Stage-Makeup

BOYS:  https://www.videomaker.com/video/watch/tips-and-techniques/346-how-to-apply-stage-make-up-for-manly-men

EVERYONE: We need “dirt” for everyone’s faces as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdr6iVHHYcU



Again, this will mostly be on a case by case basis, but for the most part, hair should look natural and “dirty”. The characters are poor, so they wouldn’t have had access to bathing or hair accessories.

BOYS: Please make sure hair is naturally colored and cut in a style appropriate for the 1800s. Here are some ideas:https://janeaustensworld.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/mens-hair-styles-at-the-turn-of-the19th-century/

GIRLS: Please make sure hair is naturally colored.

**CHORALE (7th/8th grade select chorus)

  1. The Chorale schedule this year will Mondays and Wednesdays with sectionals on Fridays. You will not need to attend every Friday. This week the schedule is:

Monday- NO SCHOOL/ Wednesday- EVERYONE/ Friday- Baritone/Tenor Sectional


  1. If your child did not sign the picture yet, tomorrow is the last day!


  1. The songs we will be learning (as of right now) are the following:

This Is Me (from the Greatest Showman)

All That They Had They Gave (Andrea Ramsey)

Homeward Bound

Baba Yetu (from the Civilization Video Game)

We Are One (Brian Tate)

A New World Opening (from Songs for a New World)



1. I hope everyone had a fantastic vacation! The following songs are going to be distributed this week:

7th/8th grade chorus-

How To Save a Life (by the Fray)

No Day But Today (from Rent)

Photograph/Perfect (Ed Sheeran)

Queen Medley

Lean On Me


6th grade chorus-

Can You Hear Me (incorporating Sign Language)

Get Back Up Again (Anna Kendrick)

When I Close My Eyes (Jim Papoulis)

Perfect/Photograph (Ed Sheeran)

You Can’t Stop the Beat (from Hairspray)


  1. This week will be prepared if they have their folders, workbooks, and writing utensil. I’ll be doing folder checks!




Thank you always for your continuous support. Have a great week!



All my best,
Mrs. Feinman

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