Weekly Update 2/25/18

Weekly Update 2/25/18…just a reminder to scroll all the way down to your child’s performing group.
Good morning,
I hope everyone had safe travels and enjoyed their week off! I had a “Broadway Staycation” and saw 5 shows…so basically I did exactly what kids would expect their chorus teacher/theater director to do over her vacation. Although I enjoyed the week, I’m ready to get back into the grind. Here is your official welcome to NYSSMA season!
NYSSMA: Dates will be given out this upcoming week or next week. All songs need to solidified so they can receive their adjudicating sheet. Students can use extra-help to run their NYSSMA songs and receive feedback. However, it is highly suggested students work with a private teacher for NYSSMA. If students need names of a private teacher I have teachers who have been vetted by the district. Email me if you are interested.
Lunch Chorus this week:
Monday: A day, 7th grade
Tuesday: B day, 6th grade
Wednesday: A day, 7th grade
Thursday: B day, 6th grade
Friday: A day, 7th grade
For those new to emails…. welcome to my “Weekly Updates”! This is where the most important information can be found for Chorus, Chorale, and Spotlight. It’s very important you read the parts of this email that pertain to your child’s performing group, as they may not be involved in everything. 
Reminder: If students lose their music or workbooks, they can print them out from my website under “Print at Home” or “Chorus” links. 

The website: Please try to find answers to frequently asked questions on my website. I have sections for NYSSMA, All-County, Spotlight, Chorale, Chorus, as well as calendars, sign-ups, printables, and more. This is a key resource for you this year.

The following are updates for Chorus, Chorale, and Spotlight. For those of you new to Weekly Updates, you can find previous newsletters on my website: www.roslynmschorus.org. If you would like to unsubscribe to these emails, please respond to this email with: “UNSUBSCRIBE”. You are automatically subscribed if you send an email regarding Chorus, Chorale, or Spotlight.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, comments, or just want to chat, never hesitate to call, email, or use the “Remind” app.

Warmest Regards,
Cyndi Feinman

1. Thank you so much for the generous gift at the cast party. I am so full of gratitude and love for all of you. This show will always be a part of me. I’m looking forward to the “REVEAL CONCERT” which will take place at the end of April! 
2. The Reveal Concert is a chance for students to sing in a cabaret style, any Broadway piece they choose! Rehearsals for this will take place in April for a late April show date. At the end of the concert students will find out what next year’s show is. 
3. Any prop that you need back should be taken this week! Email me with what the prop is and I’ll make sure you get it back. 
4. For your convenience, we professionally recorded the performance of Les Miserables. Here is the link so you can order a DVD or an mp4 file…or both! To order DVD’s or digital copies of the show please use the following link: https://merelisproductions.wufoo.com/forms/spotlight-roslyn-middle-school/ 
**CHORALE (7th/8th grade select chorus)
1. The Chorale schedule this year will Mondays and Wednesdays with sectionals on Fridays. You will not need to attend every Friday. This week the schedule is: 
Monday- EVERYONE/ Wednesday- EVERYONE/ Friday- Tenor/Baritone sectional
2. Please make sure students are coming prepared with their music. Many students are beginning to forget their folders. Thank you!
3. All the songs we are singing are: This Is Me, We Are One, Baba Yetu, All That They Had They Gave, Draw the Circle Wide, Songs for a New World

 1. The Quarter three workbook is now online if your child loses theirs as well as attached to this email. All music can also be found on my website!
2. Make sure students bring their folders, pencils, workbooks and music this week. It’s always helpful to remind students after a long vacation.
3. (OLD NEWS) We have changed around many songs…the current selection of songs is as follows:
7th/8th grade: Queen Medley, Perfect/Photograph Ed Sheeran Mash-up, How to Save a Life, Seize the Day, No Day But Today, Lava (with ukulele!), We’re All In This Together.
6th grade: You Can’t Stop the Beat (from Hairspray), Waka Waka, Can You Hear Me (with American sign language), Perfect/Photograph Ed Sheeran Mash-up, Get Back Up Again (from Trolls), and All You Need is Love (Beatles), We’re All In This Together
Thank you always for your continuous support. Have a great week!
All my best,
Mrs. Feinman

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