Weekly Update for 9/3/18

Good morning everyone,

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer! Welcome to the new school year, I can’t wait to work with all of you this year! I’ve gotten a chance to see so many of you in the past few weeks while I’ve been in the building, and I definitely feel settled in.

Every weekend I send home a “Weekly Update” with important information for the weeks ahead. Students, parents, and administrators receive these emails. If at any point you would like to be removed from the “Weekly Updates”, just email me, and I will take you off.

Since this is the first Update, there’s a lot of information. After the group announcements, please make sure you scroll down for specific information pertaining to individual performing groups.

All my best,

Mrs. Feinman


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Abby Drucker on making All-State and All-Eastern. We are very proud of you!
  2. My new website is up and running! Please visit www.roslynHSchorus.org or you can go to “Teacher Websites” and click my name under the Roslyn HS homepage.
  3. NYSSMA: NYSSMA forms are not done for a few months so please stay tuned.
  4. All-County: All-County commitment forms are due September 21st, but I don’t have the forms just yet.
  5. Please continue to check my website every week for calendars, information, etc. You can add calendars to your phones by clicking on each of the calendars on the bottom of the homepage, “Add to calendar”.
  6. Always check the website FIRST to see if I’ve posted calendar changes or information about anything as I edit things daily.
  7. All past “Weekly Updates” can be found on my website.
  8. Audition information for the American Choral Director’s Association Honor Choir can be found here: https://acda.org/NationalConference/Honor_Choirs/NationalConference/Honor_Choirs.aspx?hkey=8889bf76-dd44-4b3b-a2c8-d30561db64e9
  1. Please make sure you sign up for a time slot to audition ONLINE. If you’ve participated in Chamber before, you must sign up for a placement audition. All appointments will be made using this link: https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2427219/true#/invitation
  2. All audition requirements are here, along with information about when/where Chamber meets: https://roslynhschorus.org/chamber/
  3. There is one afternoon audition date: September 7th
  1. We have quite a few events coming up! Our first is the Ice Cream Social which is tomorrow at 4pm in the parking lot (will go until about 5:30). Part of this event is revealing this year’s fall production.
  2. On Wednesday after school we will have a Junior and Senior Pizza chat. Please contact Ross Rosenfeld to sign up for a slice of pizza.
  3. Go here to find the calendar for RCP and more: https://roslynhschorus.org/homepage/
  1. Improv troupe will be meeting for the first time on September 26th from 3:15-4:15. More information to come next week.
CHORUS (Men’s and Women’s)
  1. This year you will need pencils, 4 different colored highlighters, and you may want to bring your own folder.

Have a terrific week!

All my best,
Mrs. Feinman

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