Weekly Update 11/12/18


Our show, The Man Who Came to Dinner, opens in three days!! Please visit the website www.royalcrownplayers.org to purchase a ticket. You are guaranteed to laugh!

Scroll down completely to read information pertaining to your performing group(s)!

Reminder- Students, parents, and administrators receive these emails. If at any point you would like to be removed from the “Weekly Updates”, just email me, and I will take you off.

All my best,

Mrs. Feinman


  1. Spread the word… sell tickets for “The Man Who Came to Dinner”!!


  1. COMMUNITY SERVICE AVAILABLE: 5 hours of community service to help with the music library upstairs! Email me if you are interested.
  2. NYSSMA forms are out! All information and forms can be found here: https://www.roslynschools.org/domain/228
  3. If you are considering NYSSMA this year and do NOT have a private teacher, please come see me. I will choose 2-3 songs from each level and prepare students during Extra-Help or before school.
  4. Please check your REMIND app, and sign up for REMIND if you haven’t already!
  5. Make sure you have 4 lessons completed by the end of the quarter. My lesson schedule is on my website, in my classroom, in my office, and on my office door.
  6. Please continue to check my website every week for calendars, information, etc. You can add calendars to your phones by clicking on each of the calendars on the bottom of the homepage, “Add to calendar”.
  7. Always check the website FIRST to see if I’ve posted calendar changes or information about anything as I edit things daily
  8. All past “Weekly Updates” can be found on my website.
  9. Please sign up for all Remind groups. Find link in each group below.
  1. The second quarter starts tomorrow!
  2. Tomorrow I will not be in class since I have Challenge Day
  3. We are going on a trip to Sun Harbor on November 28th
  4. COMMUNITY SERVICE AVAILABLE: 5 hours of community service to help with the music library upstairs! Email me if you are interested.
  5. Make sure you look at the lesson schedule. All students need to complete four lessons by the end of each quarter. Lesson schedule can be found online and in my classroom.
  6. Sign up for Remind: https://www.remind.com/join/b26khe
  7. Please email me with your parent’s email address if they are not receiving emails so they can be in the loop.
Sunday- Veterans Day
Monday- Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
Tuesday- World Kindness Day
Wednesday- National Pickle Day
Thursday- America Recycles Day
Friday- Button Day
Saturday- International Students Day
  1. Monday- NO SCHOOL
  2. Tuesday- 2:50-3:30pm
  3. Wednesday: NOTHING
  4. Thursday: NOTHING
  5. Friday- CANCELLED
  6. Remind group: http://remind.com/join/e64e4k
  1. COMMUNITY SERVICE AVAILABLE: 5 hours of community service to help with the music library upstairs! Email me if you are interested.
  2. Monday: NO SCHOOL
  3. Tuesday: NOTHING
  4. Wednesday: NOTHING
  5. Thursday: Man Who Came to Dinner
  6. Friday: Man Who Came to Dinner
  7. Saturday: Man Who Came to Dinner
  8. Sunday: NOTHING
  9. Stagecraft and Auditorium crew, check their websites often for updates!
  10. Sign up for Remind: https://www.remind.com/join/66ke3c
  11. COMING UP: Coffee House 12/9 in Massapequa- EMAIL ME WITH WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO PERFORM (2-4 SONGS)
  12. COMING UP: 12/22- Don’t Tell Mama’s
  13. COMING UP: Bake sale- November 1st.
  14. Improv Troupe Murder Mystery: January 30th.
  15. Go here to find the calendar for RCP and more: https://roslynhschorus.org/homepage/
JOKE OF THE WEEK: Why are frogs always so happy? They eat whatever bugs them.
  1. Video ordering: https://merelisproductions.wufoo.com/forms/roslyn-high-school/
  2. Monday: NOTHING
  3. Tuesday: 4pm-9pm FULL DRESS
  4. Wednesday: 4pm-9pm FULL DRESS
  5. Thursday: 3:30pm Show, 2:00 call if you don’t have a 9th period, 2:40 if you have 9th period.
  6. Friday: 7pm Show, 5pm call
  7. Saturday: 7pm show, 5pm call
  8. T-shirts are $20- Money is past due!
  9. The full rehearsal calendar is online. Scroll down on the homepage of my website or click here: https://roslynhschorus.org/rcp-presents/
  1. Improv troupe will NOT meet this week
  2. Murder Mystery date: January 30th.
  3. I’d like to start looking into a trip to a Murder Mystery dinner.
  1. Man Who Came to Dinner- Flower orders are due!
  2. T-Shirts for the Man Who Came to Dinner are past due
  3. Please read everything above, as the notes pertain to you and your child.
  4. The link for tickets for Man Who Came to Dinner has been released online
  5. Make sure your child is reading everything! Everything is important!

Have a terrific week!

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