Weekly Updates 12/18/18

Good morning,

I hope you enjoy the new formatting for the updates! Hopefully you’ll be able to read this faster now.

Scroll down completely to read information pertaining to your performing group(s)!

Reminder- Students, parents, and administrators receive these emails. If at any point you would like to be removed from the “Weekly Updates”, just email me, and I will take you off.

All my best,

Mrs. Feinman


Our concert this week is Wednesday, Dec. 19th. Students should come to chorus room at 6:30pm, dressed in formal black. Concert begins at 7pm.
Auditions for The Wedding Singer are Monday and Tuesday. Students a required to come to both days of auditions. Call backs are Thursday by invitation only

CHORUS (Men’s and Women’s)
We will be rehearsing periods 6-7 with Chamber singers on Tuesday, December 18th.
We are going to the middle school to recruit students for the HS on Thursday, December 20th. Permission slips will be due this week.

Please note that the concert is Wednesday, December 19th at 7pm at the HS. Students should arrive to the high school at 6:30pm. Attire is formal black, boys should wear a colorful tie. Appropriate shoes required.
We have an in school rehearsal Tuesday, December 18th periods 1-7. This will count as a field trip.
We will be going down to the MS on December 20th periods 4-5 to recruit 8th graders for chorus program. More details to be given in Chamber this week.
Tuesday- IN SCHOOL REHEARSAL PERIODS 1-7, 5TH PERIOD LUNCH. No Chamber after school.
Wednesday: Concert, 6:30pm arrival, 7pm concert.
Thursday: Trip to MS 4-5 periods.
Friday: Chamber Cancelled
Remind group: http://remind.com/join/e64e4k

COMING UP: JAN 11TH Musical Theater Workshop- sponsored by Friends of RCP
COMING UP: 12/22- Don’t Tell Mama’s
Improv Troupe Murder Mystery: January 30th.

In order to audition, you must send in your “Who’s Who” and headshot by email. If you need help with the “Who’s who” come see me.
YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR BOTH A DANCE AND VOCAL AUDITION ONLINE (my website: http://www.roslynhschorus.org)

Improv troupe will not meet this week.
Murder Mystery date: January 30th.

If you were accepted, come see me to learn your music! All County is the 3rd week in January and you are expected to know your music. There will be placement tests this year!
If you are in division 5 (11th/12th grade) come see me, because you are going to help me create vocal practice tracks for the county.

NYSSMA forms are out! All information and forms can be found here: https://www.roslynschools.org/domain/228
If you are considering NYSSMA this year and do NOT have a private teacher, please come see me. I will choose 2-3 songs from each level and prepare students during Extra-Help or before school.

There was a meeting last week on December 13th at 6:45 in chorus room. Jason Russ sent out minutes this weekend, if you did not receive, please email.


5 hours of community service to help with the music library upstairs! Email me if you are interested, and then email me to set up a time.

My website: http://www.roslynHSchorus.org
RCP website: https://www.royalcrownplayers.org/

Have a terrific week!


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