Weekly Updates 1/13/19

Good morning,

We survived the first full week of 2019! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. I’m looking forward to this week, please read everything, there are a ton of updates.

Scroll down completely to read information pertaining to your performing group(s)!

Reminder- Students, parents, and administrators receive these emails. If at any point you would like to be removed from the “Weekly Updates”, just email me, and I will take you off.

All my best,

Mrs. Feinman


NYSSMA forms are due tomorrow! I encourage ALL 10th/11th graders to audition for All-State if they are going on level 6 anyway. The location, date, and pricing is different. Forms are located here: https://www.roslynschools.org/domain/228
Improv Troupe is hosting the first ever Murder Mystery interactive dinner theater on January 30th at 5pm. The Troupe has been working on their characters as well as a very interesting plot.
Performing Arts College Night hosted by the music teachers and Mr. Wasserman will be POSTPONED due to the scheduling issues with the other music teachers and Mr. Wasserman. Please stay tuned for a NEW date.
CHORUS (Men’s and Women’s)
Make sure you get in your lessons before the end of the quarter. You can view your lessons on PowerSchool.

Chamber will meet ONLY Tuesday this week. Friday is cancelled.
Make sure you get in your lessons before the end of the quarter. You can view your lessons on PowerSchool.
Remind group: http://remind.com/join/e64e4k

Monday: RCP General Meeting right after school. Don’t forget your points!
COMING UP: Bake sales: 1/29, 2/26, 5/23
COMING UP: Improv Troupe Murder Mystery: January 30th.

Wedding Singer REMIND sign-up: https://www.remind.com/join/mrscfein
Monday: (4-6) “Right In Front of Your Eyes”, “All About the Green” (Reprise), “Single”, “If I Told You”, “Let Me Come Home”, “50 Years”, “Move That Thang”
Tuesday: (4-6) “Move That Thang”, “I Believe”, “Grow Old With You”, “Finale”
Thursday: 3:30-6pm (Full Company)- Choreography
Because of the nature of mid-terms week, I only made one rehearsal during the week, Thursday afternoon, and then on Friday afternoon. Because I took out a rehearsal and moved some things around to accommodate, please check the schedule again for February as I changed the whole thing around. I also tried my best to make time for the Spotlight schedule as best as I could so you can go and help.
I will be emailing the advertisement template pages this week (or later today). Each cast member is responsible for selling two ads (can include personal ads). Ads are due February 15th, or they cannot be included in the program. If you would like another headshot or “Who’s Who”, that must be in by the 15th as well.
8th graders who would like to be a part of a few of the ensemble numbers will be receiving information the week of 2/12, after their show, and can come to rehearsals after February break.
Note about time- if we accomplish everything we need to accomplish each day, we can leave early! We don’t have that many music rehearsals though so we need to put a lot of time up front. Like I said, it’s the kind of show with a full-time, full company, so there are a lot of rehearsals!
Full calendar is listed on my website homepage (scroll to the bottom): http://www.roslynhschorus.org

Improv troupe WILL meet Wednesday 3:30-4:30, with Ben in charge!
Murder Mystery date: January 30th.

If you were accepted, come see me to learn your music! All County is the 3rd week in January and you are expected to know your music. There will be placement tests this year!

NYSSMA forms are out! All information and forms can be found here: https://www.roslynschools.org/domain/228
If you are considering NYSSMA this year and do NOT have a private teacher, please come see me. I will choose 2-3 songs from each level and prepare students during Extra-Help or before school.

Parent meeting this month is January 31st.


5 hours of community service to help with the music library upstairs! Email me if you are interested, and then email me to set up a time.

My website: http://www.roslynHSchorus.org
RCP website: https://www.royalcrownplayers.org/

Have a terrific week!

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