Weekly Updates 3/10/19

Good morning,

We are 11 days away from our production of “The Wedding Singer”! I’m so proud of everyone involved. Although next week is officially tech week, this week will be just as trying. Please purchase tickets here: http://www.royalcrownplayers.com/tickets
Scroll down completely to read information pertaining to your performing group(s)!

Reminder- Students, parents, and administrators receive these emails. If at any point you would like to be removed from the “Weekly Updates”, just email me, and I will take you off.

All my best,

Mrs. Feinman


1. To order a video of The Wedding Singer, please click here: https://merelisproductions.wufoo.com/forms/roslyn-high-school/

2. To order tickets to The Wedding Singer, please click here: www.royalcrownplayers.com/tickets

CHORUS (Men’s and Women’s)

1. Make sure you get in 4 lessons before the end of the quarter!


1. Chamber will meet Tuesday and Friday, regular time, from 2:50-4:00. We will NOT meet the week of The Wedding Singer.
2. Remind group: http://remind.com/join/e64e4k


1. Pick up your fundraising packets- they are due in May. We don’t have extras, so please do not lose them. You are required to sell $40.
2. Next bake sale: 5/23


1. Days to opening: 11!! **8th graders should follow schedule I sent out**
2. I sent out an email regarding foot attire- please start wearing shoes you will wear in the show to rehearsals.
3. Monday (3:30-5:30) Act I- clean-up and run through
4. Tuesday: (4:00-6:00) Act II clean-up and run through
5. Wednesday (3:30-5:30) Act I work through
6. Thursday (3:30-5:30) Act II work through

7. Friday (4:00-8:00) Full show run through **Dinner provided
8. Saturday (10am-2pm) Choreography intensive with Mr. Matos

9. Sunday (10am-4pm) Full show run through with tech
10. Monday-Wednesday next week dress rehearsals 4-9pm. **Dinner provided at rehearsals** Show on Thursday!
11. Order a video: https://merelisproductions.wufoo.com/forms/roslyn-high-school/
12. To order tickets to The Wedding Singer, please click here: www.royalcrownplayers.com/tickets


1. No improv this week


1. Concessions for NYSSMA are being sold 3/27 and 3/28 at our school. Please sign-up for a time.

2. Next parent meeting is April 11th at 6:30 (time change since there are no rehearsals)

My website: http://www.roslynHSchorus.org<http://www.roslynhschorus.org/>
RCP website: https://www.royalcrownplayers.com/

Have a terrific week!

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